Tough, Weather Resistant Exterior
Our homes are built with your family's ultimate safety in mind. All materials we use have undergone extreme testing by Legacy Housing and our suppliers. Our construction quality checkpoints ensure that each part of your new home is compliant with federal and state safety codes.

Windzone Rated by HUD
Our homes are built according to regional Wind Zone ratings & standards formulated by the US department of Housing and Urban Development. These standards help ensure your home will hold strong against wind conditions that are considered catastrophic for your area, thus helping keeping your family safe.

Every Home Setup Correctly to Ensure Safety
Legacy Housing's homes are built to a stringent federal building code – the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standard. This code is administered by federal and state government agencies. All aspects of the home are monitored, checked and inspected. Before leaving our factory every Legacy home is inspected by quality assurance inspecters who oversee the proper setup & finishing of your home.

Highest Quality Materials, Better Overall Safety
Our homes have weathered the storm through many of the United States biggest disasters including hurricanes, floods, snow and windstorms.

Compared to our competitors, our overall safety record speaks volumes about the quality materials & master craftsmenship put into every home we build.

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