Customer Satisfaction

Exceeding Expectations, one Legacy at a time!
Legacy Housing is focused on providing 110% satisfaction to our customers throughout the entire home buying process.

Our master craftsmen & quality assurance engineers work to ensure that every home is built with the same care & quality that has made us one of America's best built manufactured homes. Our multi-level checkpoint system helps to ensure our customers are receiving a home that not only meets your standards, but exceeds them!

Hard Work & Dedication = Satisfied Customers!
Your new home is a testament to our team's hard work & dedication.  Every facet of our company strives to provide a superior level of quality that surpasses most all competitors in the industry. Upon rolling out of our factory to your lot, we take great pride in knowing your family will appreciate the quality & dependability of our homes for decades to come!

An Industry Leader in Customer Referrals!
We are very proud to be a leader in manufactured homes, but what speaks volumes about our brand is none other than our customers. Many of our customers have referred their family & friends to an authorized Legacy dealer after seeing first hand the quality & dependability that our homes offer. Quite a testament to our brand and our overall customer satisfaction.

Don't hesitate, Contact Us!
If you are a current customer and would like to talk to our customer service team, please click here to contact us.